Chakshu Portal Launched 2024: चक्षु पोर्टल क्या है? क्या और कैसे काम करता हे ये पोर्टल?

Chakshu Portal Launched 2024: The Indian government launched the “Chakshu Portal” on March 5 to report communications that may be fraudulent. Using the Digital Intelligence Platform (DIP), the portal was constructed. It will be utilized for coordination and real-time intelligence exchange between all parties involved. You can report calls, texts, and WhatsApp messages that seem suspicious by using the Chakshu webpage. The Sanchar Saathi portal includes both of them. It made its public debut in May 2023.

The Chakshu portal is a fresh approach. It gives consumers of communication services the option to report fictitious calls and stolen phone numbers. This portal functions under the Central Government’s Sanchar Sathi portal. In Hindi, it signifies “eye.” In this article, we also discuss about the Chakshu portal app download, chakshu portal link, chakshu portal website, chakshu portal upsc, chakshu app.

The Overview of Chakshu Portal Launched 2024

Launched Portal NameChakshu Portal Launched 2024
Launched ByAshwini Vaishnav
(The Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology)
Started On5 March 2024
CategoryTech News
PurposeReduce online fraud
official Website
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Chakshu Portal Launched 2024: WhatsApp, Call, या SMS के जरिए कर रहा कोई परेशान, सरकार का चक्षु पोर्टल आएगा काम; ऐसे करें इस्तेमाल
Chakshu Portal Launched 2024: चक्षु पोर्टल क्या है? क्या और कैसे काम करता हे ये पोर्टल? 1

About Chakshu Portal Launched 2024

Ashwini Vaishnav, the Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, launched the Chakshu portal as a Department of Telecommunications (DoT) project. Declaring this in a message on the official DoT account, “

Notably, financial frauds and cybercrimes that have already been perpetrated are not eligible for the Chakshu portal. The cybercrime cell should be notified by victims of these offenses. The recently released software attempts to account for possible instances of online fraud. A user can snap a screenshot of the message and report it on Chakshu if they receive a call, SMS, or message on WhatsApp that seems to be fraudulent.

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The correspondence shouldn’t be more than 30 days old. Communications about bank accounts, payment wallets, SIM cards, gas and electricity connections, KYC updates, expiration or deactivation, posing as a government official or a relative, sextortion, and other connected issues can all be reported, according to the portal.

Chakshu Portal Principal Founder

The Department of Telecommunications launched the Chashu Portal, which was unveiled by Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister of Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology.


When Ashwini Vaishnaw introduced the Chakshu Portal, she stated that the ministry was collaborating closely with financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank to combat cybercrime.

According to the Ministry of Communication, this campaign has reportedly helped disconnect 5.9 million fraudulent connections; 2.3 million mobile connections have also reportedly been terminated, based on customer feedback.

Over Rs 1000 crore belonging to Indian residents has been saved, while about 150,000 have been blacklisted for their involvement in cybercrimes.

How does the Chakshu Portal App function?

The platform is really easy to use. To report a suspected cybercrime, users must complete a one-page form.

  • Users must first access the official portal of Chakshu, the link to which is provided below.
  • Click “Continue Report” to get to the next screen.
  • Users must fill in multiple details there.
  • Data must be entered, including the communication channel, the type of suspected fraud, the date, the time, and the specifics of the conversation.
  • A screenshot of the questionable correspondence must also be attached by users.
  • This can be a snapshot of a call or message record. One MB is the maximum size for an attachment.

Ways to Use the Chakshu Portal App?

  • Enter the “Chakshu Portal” by clicking the provided link.
  • On the menu line select “Citizen Centric Services,” and then choose “Chakshu.”
Chakshu Portal 2024 - साइबर ठग रिपोर्ट के लिए जारी हुआ चक्षु पोर्टल, जाने कैसे करना है रिपोर्ट
Chakshu Portal Launched 2024: चक्षु पोर्टल क्या है? क्या और कैसे काम करता हे ये पोर्टल? 2
  • After reading the disclaimer and learning how to use “Chakshu,” click “Continue to Reporting.”
  • Provide information on the form such as the suspected fraudulent communication’s channel, category, and time.
  • Include personal information, confirm by OTP, and file a complaint.

What may be reported using the Chakshu Portal App?

  • Examine any cell connections that were made in their name, and report any that are prohibited or superfluous.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone so that it can be tracked down and blocked.
  • Ensure that the mobile devices you buy, whether they are new or used, are genuine.
  • Caller ID for incoming overseas calls should show Indian phone numbers.
  • Verify the license holders’ wireline internet service providers’ details.

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Chakshu Portal Launched 2024– Facility Details

  • Types of Fraud: This webpage allows citizens to report various fraud activities, such as identity theft related to KYC, posing as government officials or family in order to obtain financial gain, and other forms of communication intended to deceive people.
  • Reporting Ease: The facility streamlines the process of reporting messages that appear to be fraudulent. This empowers the populace to take preventative action against fraudulent activities. “Chakshu,” the Sanchar Saathi portal’s user-friendly interface, encourages prompt and effective reporting.
  • Availability -With the Sanchar Saathi site making it simple for everyone to report fraudulent communications and support efforts to reduce cybercrime, the Chakshu portal is easily accessible to all citizens.
  • proactive actions: By using this portal, “Chakshu,” citizens actively guard against falling for fraudulent schemes and endangering others. People can assist prevent financial losses and protect the integrity of the communication network by promptly reporting unusual communications.

Finally, the integration of the Chakshu platform with the Sanchar Saathi site will allow for the timely exchange of intelligence among various stakeholders.


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