Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024, Registration, Near Me Location, Last Date

Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024: The Duare Sarkar camp list (দুয়ারে সরকার ক্যাম্প লিস্ট) is available for download on the Scheme’s official website. By attending the official campground, you can participate in the numerous government initiatives that the group has started. On August 16th, the third part of the program will begin and last for one month. You can read the article below for more information about the Duare Sarkar Camp List.

Additionally, we will walk you through each step of the process so you can view the beneficiary list broken down by district. We will also go over all of the additional Dwara Sarkar Camp implementation processes with you, which are included in the text below.

About Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024

The West Bengal government will provide the Duare Sarkar camp in order to assist all individuals in receiving accurate information regarding the government plans that the government has presented. With the creation of the Duare Sarkar Yojana, residents of West Bengal will have the ability to apply for a variety of schemes and receive doorstep delivery of all benefits.

When the West Bengal government recently launched the third phase of the Duare Sarkar Yojana, about 70% of the applications were received under the Lakshmi Bhandar scheme. On the organization’s official website, candidates can view the list of camps that the West Bengal government has established.

Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Overview

Name of the YojanaDuare Sarkar Registration
Launched ByWest Bengal Govt.
CategoryWest Bengal Scheme
BenefitsReduce Poverty Rate of State
ObjectiveMany Govt. Services Provided
BeneficiaryCitizens of WB
Official Websitewww.ds.wb.gov.in
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Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Objective

The scheme’s primary goal is to offer integrated services and proper administration to all West Bengal State residents who choose not to appear in person at government offices to complete official procedures, such as applying for a caste certificate. In an effort to assist all West Bengal State residents in creating a welcoming environment, the candidates have also established a legitimate Duare Sarkar portal.

The creation of these camps will provide all kinds of schemes, and the camps themselves will be set up in three stages. The camp’s most recent phase will begin on August 16 and last until September 15. The candidates will have no trouble visiting the camps and benefiting from them.

Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024, Registration, Near Me Location, Last Date
Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024, Registration, Near Me Location, Last Date 1

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Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Benefits

  • The beneficiaries of the Khadya Sathi initiative would be able to purchase food at reduced costs. The recipients must be from the economically disadvantaged segment of society and be below the poverty level. 5 kg of food grains at a cost of Rupees 2 per kg would be given to the beneficiaries.
  • Beneficiaries of the Swasthya Sathi scheme would receive health insurance up to Rs. 500,000; however, they must possess a smart card.
  • The Dware Sarkar Yojana also offers caste certificates; all applicants need to do is complete the application.
  • Additionally, Sikshashree scholarships will be given for the camps’ development, and kids enrolled in classes 5 through 8 will be eligible to receive the benefits.
  • The Jai Johar scheme is now open to candidates who fall under the ST category. Through this plan, financial help worth Rupees 1000 per month would be given.
  • The Taposili Bandhu plan is designed for candidates who fall under the SC category. A monthly allocation of Rs 600 would be made for the development of this initiative.
  • The Kanyashree scheme is intended for female students in West Bengal State and is available to those enrolled in grades 8 through 12. This strategy would provide you with Rs. 25000.
  • The purpose of the Rupashree plan is to assist economically strained families with their daughters’ marriages. This initiative will give out 25000 Rupees.
  • The Aikyashree Scholarship Program is open to students from minority populations pursuing degrees ranging from first-class to doctorate.
  • The Krishak Bandhu plan will give farmers financial support. The beneficiaries will receive a death benefit of Rs 2 lakh along with an annual payment of 4000 Rupees.
  • The Manabik scholarship is open to applicants with disabilities. A monthly payment of 1000 Rupees would be given to the beneficiaries.

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Implementation of the Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024

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Three steps have been used to implement the plan. Since the program’s inception on December 1st, numerous camps have been set up to offer benefits to each and every beneficiary. A total of 25 million individuals profited from the camps that were gathered throughout the state during the initial phase.

The camps were set up for a 55-day period, starting on December 1 and ending on January 25. The beneficiaries who were unable to receive benefits from the first plan were the target audience for the second plan, which ran from January 27 to February 8. The final plan will be carried out in every state district from August 6 to September 15. The third phase of this project would be developed with the benefit of around 1.6 crore individuals.

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Services Available Under Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024

Numerous services offered by Duare Sarkar Camps would benefit a number of individuals in the state. These services are listed as follows:-

  1. Khadya Sathi Scheme: The West Bengal government launched the Khadya Sathi Scheme to give the state’s impoverished citizens affordable rations. Every applicant who came from the lower socioeconomic strata will be eligible to receive the ration at a heavily discounted price. With the aid of this program, low-income families will be able to purchase food without worrying about financial constraints. This scheme’s primary goal is to give 24 people rations so that nobody in West Bengal goes without food.
  2. Swasthya Sathi Scheme: The esteemed Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has introduced the Swasthya Sathi Scheme to offer health services to West Bengali citizens. This scheme’s primary goal is to provide healthcare services to the locals in order to improve their standard of living and protect the students from the COVID-19 pandemic. On December 1st, 2020, the government launched this program to give state residents access to cashless healthcare facilities.
  3. Caste Certificate Service: As everyone is aware, the West Bengal government established a camp under the state to offer its citizens a range of services. The state’s citizens are entitled to a number of government services under these camps. Through these camps, the inhabitants would also be able to apply for their caste certificate. They will receive these services right at their door. The state’s citizens can now take advantage of government services without having to go to several government offices.
  4. Sikshashree Scholarship Scheme: The Sikshashree Scholarship Scheme was established by the West Bengal government to offer financial aid to SC and ST students enrolled in fifth through eighth grade. The Sikshashree Scholarship Scheme would enable students from lower-income families to pursue higher education without having to worry about their financial situation. For the pupils that fall under the SC and ST classifications, this program will contribute to building a better future. This scheme’s primary goals are to eradicate the state’s high literacy rate and to give a better future.
  5. Jai Johar Scheme: The West Bengal government developed this program with the purpose of improving the lives of those who fall under the ST group. The scheduled caste group would receive incentives under the Jai Johar Scheme to help them meet the financial needs of the underprivileged members of society. This scheme’s primary goal is to give people Rs. 1000 so they can go about their daily lives without worrying about money problems. In addition to the financial support, customers will receive free electricity.
  6. Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme: The West Bengal government has launched a new program to give financial support to the state’s female population. This program is known as the Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme. They won’t have to worry about money when they postpone getting married and complete their further studies thanks to this assistance. This program’s primary goals are to encourage girls to pursue higher education and to delay marriage at a younger age.
  7. Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme: The Rupashree Prakalpa Scheme was established by the West Bengal government to offer girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds a one-time financial support of Rs. 25,000 at the time of their adult daughter’s marriage. This scheme’s primary goal is to provide them with financial assistance when they need it. Families with limited resources will be able to afford their daughter’s wedding costs thanks to this program.
  8. Aikyashree Scholarship: The West Bengal government launched the Aikyashree Scholarship, a new program designed to give minority community members access to educational opportunities as well as social and economic benefits. Students can receive financial aid under this program from first-class to doctorate levels. Every software is used by underrepresented groups, like Muslims Christians Six Buddhists This program is available to Jains and Parsis.
  9. Krishak Bandhu Scheme: Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, has developed a welfare program to give the state’s small and marginal farmers cash support. The principal aim of the Krishak Bandhu Scheme is to enhance the financial standing of farmers through the provision of financial support. This measure is expected to enhance the level of living for farmers and augment their earnings.

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Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Features

  • Everywhere in the state of West Bengal, the Duare Sarkar camp is organized by the public authorities.
  • The recipients can apply from their doorstep for various plans offered by the West Bengal government through these camps.
  • The government has so far organized three times for these camps.
  • This year, the camp will run from August 16 to September 15 for a duration of one month.
  • In order to apply under any plan, the grantees must complete the application structure at these camps.
  • From these programs, almost 1.6 crore people in West Bengal will gain.
  • Residents can obtain information about eighteen programs put out by the State Government through these camps.
  • Up to now, 17107 camps from all throughout the state have been shortlisted.
  • Through these camps, recipients can also apply under the 18 plans.
  • Over the plan’s main timeframe, 32830 camps were coordinated.
  • Over the course of the previous year, these camps received 1.77 crore applications and 2.75 crore foot traffic.
  • The West Bengal government has also established a gateway to provide information regarding Duare Sarkar camps.

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Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Documents Required

The aforementioned paperwork is needed in order to apply for this program:

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Personal Bank Account
  • Mobile NO.
  • Passport Photo
  • Age Proof
  • Caste Certificate
  • PwD Certificate
  • PAN card

How to Find Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024

You must adhere to the easy steps listed below in order to locate the Duare Sarkar Camp Location:-

  • You must first click on this link to go to the Duare Sarkar Camp website for the plan.
  • The scheme’s main page will appear on your screen.
Duare Sarkar Camp List 2023: District/Block Wise Pdf Download
Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024, Registration, Near Me Location, Last Date 2
  • You must select the “Find Your Camp” option after swiping down.
  • On your screen, two options will appear: Upcoming camps
  • Every camp
  • Choose the option of your preference.
  • Choose the District, Block/Local Body, GP/Ward option.
  • The camps’ specifics will appear on your screen.

How to Login on Duare Sarkar Portal

You must adhere to the easy steps listed below in order to log in as a user:-

  • You must first click on the provided link to access the scheme’s official website.
WB Duare Sarkar Camp 2024: Eligibility, Benefits & Registration - WBGOV.ORG
Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024, Registration, Near Me Location, Last Date 3
  • You must click the E-Services option after scrolling down: Officials Login
  • Your screen will open to two options.
  • Select Duare Sarkar / Parai Samadhan from the menu.
  • You must successfully log in and enter your creations.

Duare Sarkar Camp List 2024 Helpline Number

If you have any questions or concerns about Duare Sarkar Camp, please contact us using the information below:

Address:Nabanna Bhavan 325, HRBC Building, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Shibpur, Howrah-711102
Phone No:033 2250 1193
State Helpline Tollfree No. 18003450117,03322140152

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